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[ Is there really no thread for David Diamond? ]

How do you like this, Corey?

One of the greatest American composers - especially for his Symphony No 3 - he sent me a lovely reply to my fan latter. Symphonies 1-4, Psalm, Kaddish and romeo and Juliet are my favourites + a great String quartet (can't remember which one).

I'll chime in-- I don't have that much of his catalog, but I really like the disc with Symphonies 2 and 4 on Naxos-- the first movement of the second is wonderfully grim.  He's certainly one I'd like to get to know better.

Here again is where we miss Chris (weirdears), who studied with Diamond . . . .

Oh, how you put me on the spot! ;D

It's wonderful — very personal, unique music that is "romantic" without sounding like a throwback or like film music. The first symphony is an early work but is very assured in its orchestration and melodic writing. I can see why Schoenberg called him "the new Bruckner", because his slow movements are certainly of a rare beauty. The violin concerto is also lovely, with a very memorable theme providing the basis of the first movement and a rollicking final rondo. The gem of the disc, for me, is the tone poem The Enormous Room, which eventually builds up from quiet beginnings to a climax that is (really) breathtaking.

I'll be going through Naxos traversal of the symphonies (alas, woefully incomplete) over the next several days and will post my thoughts here.


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