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Vagn Holmboe (1909-1996)

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--- Quote from: kyjo on December 24, 2021, 02:12:07 PM ---“Too stormy”? You said you wanted volcanic eruptions of sound and batteries of percussion! :D

--- End quote ---

Yes I know. Sometimes it can be too much like listening to the transcendental etudes in one go. However I shall revisit 8 at a later date.

Of course there's also vacuous Bombast like Offenbach's Gaite Parisienne.


--- Quote from: Madiel on December 23, 2021, 04:32:00 PM ---The third symphonic metamorphosis, Epilog, definitely qualifies for volcanic eruptions of sound.

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Indeed! In fact, I'd say the same for all of the first three, including Epitaph and Monolith.

And for "volcanic eruptions of sound", you need look no further than the outer movements of the 8th Symphony (Boreale).

The wish for some alternative, modern recordings of the symphonies has been mentioned before here; the local reviewer Jens Brincker also wanted them, back in his early review of the first two BIS CDs with Hughes, in the Dansk Musiktidsskrift magazine (1993).
But maybe it's unrealistic to hope for more.
Brincker's Danish review can probably easily be translated via Google translate.

Well I know that Da Capo was TALKING about making some recordings a number of years ago. Whenever I went to their office…

But I guess it didn’t come together. Either that or it’s a slow process.

Symphonic Addict:
The terrific Sixth was playing here in reverse order (the second mov. first) and it made strong sense on me. The stormy and combative 2nd mov. is almost perfect, except for the final fortissimo with those last five notes. Sounds like a joke, like something false or a pantomime. That apart, it's a phenomenal exciting piece into itself. It has something of a more 'virile' Nielsen combined with touches of Shostakovich, mostly.

The slow, earthy 1st. movement has a more bewitching feel to it. I hear a sunrise from another planet, a revelation of sorts. The music unfolds so organically natural. One of my favorite symphonies ever.

N. Järvi, you need to conduct this!


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