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Six favourite symphonies by (really) lesser-known composers.

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Thanks guys for already fascinating replies. Nice to see a vote for old Mcewen. His valedictory 'Where the Wild Thyme Blows' (on the same Chandos CD as the Solway Symphony) is a great favourite. Clearly I will have to listen to Ned Rorem's 3rd Symphony again. Also nice to see a vote for the much despised Khrennikov's 2nd Symphony, which is, I agree, a work which deserves attention.

I actually found this challenge very easy!

Komei Abe, Symphony No 1
Kurt Atterberg, Symphony No 3, "West Coast Pictures"
Franz Berwald, "Sinfonie singuliere"
Jan Wenzel Kalliwoda, Symphony No 5
Alexander Kopylov, Symphony in C minor
Johan Svendsen, Symphony No 2

Sergeant Rock:

--- Quote from: Wanderer on March 23, 2009, 07:04:35 AM ---Schmidt: Symphony No.1

--- End quote ---

Thanks for plugging one of my favorite symphonies, a favorite not only in this category (lesser-known composers) but a favorite symphony period. I considered listing it too but didn't want to come across like a broken record.


Being a conservative heathen - my straying from 'normal' repertory almost exclusively consisting of Scandinavian composers I can decode using my familiar roster, and the odd Russian - I will remain in the safety of the audience, for this thread. ;)

As Arriaga's and Voříšek have been listed, I'll contribute with works not yet mentioned in this thread.

Cherubini: Symphony in D major.
Eberl: Symphony in E flat major.
Wölfl: Symphony in G minor.
Spohr: Symphony in C minor.
Kalinnikov: Symphony in G minor.
Kalinnikov: Symphony in A major.


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