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Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)

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"I believe in God, Mozart, and Beethoven"

          ~ Richard Wagner

"There was only Beethoven and Wagner [and] after them, nobody."

          ~ Gustav Mahler

1. What do you think are among Beethoven's greatest achievements?  Most "influential" works?

2. What are your favorite works by Beethoven?  Least favorite?

3. Do you feel that Beethoven's personal challenges (deafness; nephew issues; etc) considerably heightened the emotional content of his music?

4. Any favorite recordings?  Of Symphonies? Piano Sonatas? Concertos?  Chamber?  Overtures?

5. Do you consider Beethoven to be a "classical" (classical era) or "romantic" (romantic era) composer?


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Currently, my favorite works of Beethoven are these:

1. Missa Solemnis

2. Piano Concertos 4 and 5

3. Piano Sonatas 29-32 + Waldstein/Tempest/Appassionata/Pathetique

4. Symphonies 3/5/6/7/8/9

5. Ghost and Archduke Trios

6. Late String Quartets

7. Diabelli and Eroica Variations

8. Violin Concerto

9. Overtures to Egmont; King Stephen; Lenore #3

10. Violin Sonatas / Cello Sonatas

D Minor....I once encountered someone of that name elsewhere, but he knew little about music. D

Good old Beethoven.....

My favorite piece is The Missa Solemnis, it was a late piece, he took three years perfecting it and wrote on the title page. "From the heart, to the heart." He must have been a master musician to compose what he could not hear: by looking at it on the page he must have known how it would sound.
I recently sang it and did wonder at some of the demands he makes on the Basses in the choir where he wants a great deal of volume in notes where basses cannot generally produce a great deal, and this amongst thick textures. I wondered if he had been able to hear, would he have altered the writing? But quite possibly not and what he asks for contributes to the element of physical effort that is so much part of the piece.

A whole new world opens up, I can now repeat what I wrote elsewhere!


I see we have put the same piece as top, but possibly next I would have to have the first of the middle period string quartets. I have the Quartet Italiano unfurling that staggering melody that opens the first movement.


My favourite works would be all what the fellow has composed, apart from the vocal works that is!
I am really serious about that, I simply adore all his works, and I am unable to single out one work!
Symphonies by Herbert von Karajan, Quartetto Italiano, and Vegh for the SQ, ans so on.


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