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A Mahlerian approach to Shostakovich's 5th

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Shostakovich's 5th is kind of new to me. I gave it the first listening about two years ago, and since then I've regularly played it; but didn't find nothing special in it. During the last week the work seems to have catched my attention and I spend a lot of time listening to it, trying to discover motifs, their development, orchestration notes, etc. (I can not get the score... so it's a bit of a hard task).

Now to the point. This morning while listening to the scherzo I had the impression I was listening to Mahler. Not only after motiv similarities (I will give you the chance to discover which Mahler scherzo), but also in terms of orchestral sound. The same happened with the last movement, prior to the first percussion solo.

May I get some help here from other posters with more experience on Shost's 5th?

yeah, I agree. I guess it's the dancing rhythm that resembles Mahler the most, it's almost like a "landler", but is stretched beyond all recognition. Exactly like what Mahler does to most of his scherzos.
Plus the solo violin really reminded me Mahler.

One big difference is that the texture of deshosta's music is much too spare to be compared to Mahler's rich music.

david johnson:
that scherzo always reminds me a little of mahler, too.  perhaps they just express that partcular thought similarly.



--- Quote from: Manuel on April 08, 2007, 06:00:33 AM ---(I will give you the chance to discover which Mahler scherzo)
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I guess it's the first!!


--- Quote from: rappy on April 08, 2007, 02:04:30 PM ---I guess it's the first!!

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Good job, chap. You can choose one of these as a price.


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