Author Topic: Nikolay Miaskovsky (1881-1950)  (Read 107616 times)

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Re: Nikolay Miaskovsky (1881-1950)
« Reply #580 on: May 26, 2020, 09:27:06 AM »
Very nice, Jeffrey. I’ll get around to Myaskovsky’s piano music at some point I’m sure. I’ll probably end up going with the complete set since I’m ‘complete’ kind of guy. ;)
Well, this is the set you need then!

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Re: Nikolay Miaskovsky (1881-1950)
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It’s a shame that the Taneyev Quartet on Northern Flowers is the only game in town (to my knowledge) for all the Miaskovsky quartets except the 13th. To my ears, they play with a lack of tonal variety and colors that makes the music sound rather dull and lifeless. The Pacifica Quartet’s recording of the 13th quartet on Chandos is proof of a what a great group can do with this music!

True, but, as you mentioned, it’s all we have. I think the performances are serviceable, but it’s true that there could be more nuance and expressiveness in their performances. But, hey, at least we can listen them!
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