Sheet music: Short opera for an archbishop

Started by cmbvjc, April 27, 2009, 07:55:28 AM

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The lyric work newly published in a full score by the Éditions du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles is really original. Composed in 1761 as an oratorio by Bernard-Aymable Dupuy for the nomination of His Grace Arthur-Richard Dillon as archbishop of Toulouse, it is a musical portrait of this man of the church, heir to a great family with a glorious military past. This short classical lyric work, full of freshness, is on a fluctuating borderline between sacred and secular music.

The composer from Toulouse (South of France) goes beyond the conventional form of a works such as this:  the music is extremely lively and varied, linking aria, rondeau, duet, dance, recitative, arietta, chorus... with a good balance between Italian liveliness and French clarity and elegance in a beautiful classical esthetic.

Entertaining for the public and the performers, the work can be used for a show merging all aspects of the stage arts: soloists, chorus, orchestra, dance, drama... a narrator should be added. Professionals will enjoy a short classical lyric work, full of freshness, on a fluctuating borderline between sacred and secular.

The work can be performed by 4 singers (SABB), a five parts choir (soprani divided) and an orchestra (piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboe, bassoon, Horn (C), Violins 1 & 2, cellos and continuo).

For further information, extracts in PDF files etc. see :

Hoping you will enjoy...


I have decided for the moment not to delete this as spam. It may hold real interest for some here. Let me know if there are problems with the link, or if this type of post is repeated.

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Well, the Éditions du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles certainly aren't a spamming kind of organisation. I'm on their mailing list, thanks to the fact that I know one of their editors. A very class outfit!


Well, it's true, I am not spammer.  :-[

The Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles (CMBV) is a nonprofit organization, based in Versailles (France), created in 1987 to promote the French music from the Early 17th to the late 18th centuries.

Devoted to discover, teach and perform this wide repertoire, the CMBV includes a scientific department, under the scholarly guidance of Catherine Cessac, a boy choir and a choir conducting by Olivier Schneebeli, and organizes concerts in the chateau de Versailles during the Fall.

The Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles suggests scores made by its editors from the scientific department. It started a monumental series of the work of Marc-Antoine Charpentier, another of the work of Henry Du Mont etc. as series about chamber music, choral music, lyric works etc. All scores are in modern transcription and parts are available.

I am sorry if my message has been understood as a spam, maybe my English is not so fluent. Place where I could speak about the new scores releases by the CMBV are rare. Even more that mostly of them are new discoveries which need to meet the musicians, as this piece of Bernard-Aymable Dupuy. If this is not the right place I will not do it again. And if anyone should suggest me some website where I could talk about my scores I would be grateful.

Sincerely Yours,

Julien Charbey.