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--- Quote from: Jo498 on October 09, 2021, 11:47:55 PM ---I have been so satisfied with Zimmermann that my only other complete (or more than complete) is the box issue with Podger/Cooper.
I recommend the handful? with Kagan and Richter (usually live on Live Classics, but some are on an EMI twofer with Beethoven), I also have a bunch of historical recordings (in the Diapason collection, also some Heifetz) and a cheap selection of Pauk/Frankl (they were on Vox and then incomplete on super cheap Documents/Quadromania).

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I don’t think that the Pauk was all transferred, it is my favourite of the inauthentic recordings - though I have a soft spot for Danczowska’s single CD.

I don't know if there might have been a CD set of Pauk/Frankl on Vox. As I wrote the cheapo quadromania is incompetently incomplete with one disc having less than 40 min. playing time. There is another single cheapo CD with lots of overlap but one sonata missing from the quadro but still not complete and a later (I think, maybe live) BBC disc with Pauk.

It should be noted that most sets aren't "complete", usually missing all the early/dubious? sonatas before K 296 and sometimes also the fragments or K 547.

Last night I listened to two sonatas (304 and 380) with Szigeti/Horszowski from the 1950s in the Diapason Mozart box and they were quite interesting, basically the opposite of "china doll" Mozart, i.e. utterly serious, even grim in the e minor.

I have several versions, but I keep going back to this 1977 vinyl box-set:

Which was licensed from MHS by ASV in the early 80's and issued as single LP's:


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