Author Topic: Understanding the Fundamentals of Music - Robert Greenberg?  (Read 5391 times)

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My first thread on this forum which may interest some here:

I own a set of Understanding the Fundamentals of Music w/ Robert Greenberg from the Teaching Company - description HERE; as indicated in the link, this 4-DVD set (16 45 min lectures) is selling for $250; I bought it on sale for probably a $100 or so (can't remember).

After trying to watch this twice, it is just too detailed and 'in depth' for my amateur understanding - in fact, I would consider this at least a second level course for a music major (may be wrong on that but even my wife who is quite musical and had these courses in college agrees).

So, I'd like to offer this DVD set to someone in the USA (just want to deal w/ shipping in continental USA) - I'll pay shipping to you and ask for just $40 in return (a couple of $20 bills or a check; will send my address by PM) - again, I would not recommend a purchase of this DVD series if you're just getting into music, this is a detailed discussion of musical theory.

Please respond to me by PM - thanks.   :)