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He a composer of Northern France, he died at Saint-Bart, purge of protestant by the order of Queen Margot in 1555.

His music so soulful, primal examples would be: du fond de ma pensée, Que dieu se montre seulement, full of hope, sunny, religious some might say, but who care, music is music.

His music moving ''elle m'interpelle''.Superb, simple but straightforward, beautiful & relaxing, spiritual.

If I had one Goudimel album to recommended it would be the LP on Erato by Michel Corboz, very very good LP, sure Naxos done a fine entry in his music, but there is Chrystophorus label releases of French Protestants, Noel Akchoté guitar arrangement(that are sublime).There a well done album ''Mon dieu me paist'' album whit is fellows protestant reformists, there is also an incredible Goudimel whit Sweelinck called: 6 psalms & Sweelinck keyboard works of 2002(label?).

Music screaming to be discover by newbies of renaissance.

What do you guy think of Goudimel, what your favorite record so far of him?

Claude Le Jeune is more know than him, He too is one to be discovered whit Huelgas ensemble also Ludus Modalis ensemble, and Pascal de L'estocart, ensemble 1450 & Ludus Modalis did a  great job whit him(mandatory listen), both of these gentlemen, unlike Goudimel whom would stay when knowing is life was in peril, this is a lesson of sacrifice for faith. Le Jeune left more so flew in England, L'estocart toward Holland as refugee.

Folks I invite you to discover or revisited them, especially Goudimel. He the soul of Protestantism in France.
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