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The Mad Hatter:
Just ruined -absolutely demolished- a performance of mine. And I knew the music. Barely even felt nervous before I began, but it just went downhill from the first note.

Shake it off, have a cup of strong, hot tea.

Comisserations :( I know what that is like; less so with performing, actually, than with recording, for some reason. I don't get nervous, obviously, as I know I can retake, but once things start to go wrong - or, more importantly, if I start to notice and think about the mistake - it often starts to get worse exponentially.

The Mad Hatter:
Yeah. Oddly, looking back, all the really hard stuff went fine, but the easier stuff I messed up completely. Guess I had to give my whole concentration to the tougher stuff, and couldn't distract myself.

Thanks for the words of encouragement/commiseration.

I've only now seen this, my apologies.

For each moment of greatness, a great deal of mediocre ones must precede it. There will be others.  :)


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