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Hugo's Wolf Den
« on: February 25, 2010, 10:24:16 AM »
I can't believe I'm finding all these Threadless Composers!?!

All I know is that I really took to Wolf's formidable String Quartet of 1884. I put it in the Busoni, Reger, Schoenberg camp of overheated hothouse flowers, totally sucked into it's own world.  I first heard the LaSalle, which seem to highlight the disturbed, almost feral forest world, with woody, scratching tone, like a spider bite hallucination. I'm considering the Auryn on CPO (how could that be bad??), though, I wish the Artis on Accord didn't cost $40.

Otherwise, I'm pretty clueless on Wolf. I wonder if any of his songs would convert a lieder infidel? I'm already willing to try some Schoeck. We'll see.