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Leonhardt plays Bach! In a movie!

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Gustav Leonhardt's turn of starring (as JS Bach himself) is in this movie, now on DVD

Jean-Marie Straub's "Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach" (1968 - around the time when Leonhardt and
Harnoncourt launched their integral recording of Bach Sacred Cantatas?)

(Nikolaus Harnoncourt plays Leopold, Prince of Anthalt-Cöthen ;D Bob van Asperen plays
one of JSB's cousins - It's like a masked ball for the Harpsichord Brigade.) Hip hip
hurrah! A must-see!  ;D

Yes, a great movie, and not only because of the music. To me, one of the two best movies about a composer (the other is "Tous les matins du monde" about Marais and Sainte-Colombe). The exact opposite of movies like Amadeus or that "thing" where Gary Oldman makes a clown of Beethoven.

Thank you for the followup!  ;D

Just ordered it and safely put it at the top of my queue, thanks.

The Mad Hatter:
But...can they act?!


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