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Started by Black Knight, June 03, 2007, 03:47:06 AM

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Black Knight

Does anybody know of a webpage that has information about Prokofiev's visions fugitives? I'm talking about a list of what keys they are in, other general information, how they were composed, maybe an analysis of some of them, what they were inspired by and so on. Basically, I just want to learn about this composition, so any information would be great. I have googled, but only found sheet music and recordings and wikipedia has nothing about the subject.

Black Knight


Strange,nobody seemed interested....

I find only today some time to check my books & CD's.
In Harlow Robinson's Prokofiev biography (Viking Press 1987) , I read that:

"In his autobiography Prokofiev claims that he wrote the 19th (Presto agitatissimo e molto accentuato) of the 20 small pieces that make up "Visions fugitives" at least in part as a musical response to the February Revolution. One of the shortest in the cycle, it lasts only 30 seconds. Nervous energy, frantic forward motion, athletic leaps, an insisting rising and raggedly chromatic line of 8 notes, a rumbling fortissimo climax in the low bass - these are the features which express Prokofiev's reaction to the political turbulence.
Later, PR.found it necessary to apologise for such a small and indirect response : "it was more a reflection of the crowds excitement than of the inner essence of revolution."
Further : none has a specific program.
"Visions fugitives" is a French translation for the Russian title "Mimoletnosti",meaning "fleeting and transient ideas or impressions". the root of the Russian word is "fly".The title comes from a poem by Balmont ,"I do not know wisdom",whom Pr.met around this time.

I see every fugitive vision
I see whole worlds
They change endlessly,
flashing in playful rainbow colors.

I can give you no technical info.

Black Knight

Thanks a lot, pjme! For some reason I find these little pieces of pure music extremely interesting.  :)