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Re: Classical Music Blogs or Personal Webpages
« Reply #280 on: December 10, 2018, 04:27:35 PM »
For the masochistic among us?

I would sometimes be annoyed if the only review in Fanfare of a disc I was interested in was by LRB.  Well, the blog is free...

I now feel the same way about Huntley Duntley or Dentley Hentely or whatever his name is, though if he ever gets a blog I'll endeavor to forget that fact.

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Re: Classical Music Blogs or Personal Webpages
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The absolute worst was - ditto MWeb - when they let some buffoon write anonymously (because he felt "too important in the industry" to reveal his name). Byzantion was his nome de plume on one of these platforms. Anonymity encourages the worst in us as is, and that person had plenty far to go, in that direction.

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Re: Classical Music Blogs or Personal Webpages
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nothing like the good old metrognome?
is concert sharing dead on the internet?