Author Topic: Important trend Classical composer of 20 century that were almost Christic?  (Read 52 times)

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Imagine a classical composer who did not , break any of god  10 comendements all is life he had all quality in a man or woman,  on the plus side he harvest virtue , quality not inherant to normy (normal human being).

Any classical composer were just like this sin less and full of quality humanism altruism, empathical  he had all quality and nearly all virtue, people were like , is this the reincarnation of Jesus, Once i try to be like this but I discover something startling some people have no soul no love for anyone feed out of hatred and scorn other even there parents everyone, You know some do the exact opposite excelled in sinning, being ann awfull idiot, being rude everything they have fuck all quality, sometime these idiot are save by lady who like them and defend them because there cute, but being cute not a quality but atribut first and foremost, having atitude not a quality , and too much ego is a sin eventualy, but yet I don't understand people defend these fool that excelled in being total stupid vile idiot, I knew a dude like this all he had  was his hight(tallness) and blue eye's he was empty inside of goodness, some lady love him yet he had no quality no virtues , this make I  was so disgust in my eye of this and in the eye of god...(God should curse these fool whiteout quality, virtues are more though to have but no quality what so ever is gross). lol

People whiteout one single quality  or virtues
are slime some look good it saves them, lady will defend them if there cute, and will says oh it's just him he has a nasty temper or  attitude, or ego, but he like 6''4 and has ultra pale blue eye's I.e this  disgust me to the core, I have quality, I try my best not to sins too much( not religion but bad for karma, I don't feel good when I act like a jerk all the time like for 3 days imagine some people are like this all the time, they are  some sort of subhuman, a human whiteout human quality at least  is no different than aan animal a snake per se, now I ask lady that defend such guy, listen a snake pretty or not is still a snake would you kiss a snake ,  get laid whit one, being cute  is not everything tallness either, and blues eye not rare anymore look Estonia and Latvia everyone has blue eye'S and are tall, does it make them all good and all cute, I have green eye  well hazel green eyes it's more rare than blue , yet lady of mythos of green eyeS people are hypocrite and it's not rare, excuse me lady green eye's is very very rare more so than blue, whiteout putting down blue eye people, thus said.

What do you get from this post, what you're cue, what do you think of all of this please?

I hope this post will harvest some reaction and is important enough tread...

I hope so?
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