Mario Laurenti recordings for sale

Started by Slezak, July 28, 2009, 06:54:19 AM

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  Hi. I have restored probably 90% of the recorded legacy of the Edison recording artist, Mario Laurenti. This baritone was really quite good, but died of spinal meningitis at age 32, just as he was coming into his vocal prime. He was a regular member of casts that included Caruso, Farrar, Muzio, Amato, & de Luca, and was highly-regarded during his day. This is a 2-CD of arias & duets, the other of concert songs. For "scream-into-the-horn" recordings, these sound pretty good. Price is $12.00, with $1.50 to help on the postage. All cuts are with the matrix numbers included. Let me know if you are interested.  Steve Slezak (


I simply liked hearing  Mario Laurenti  again and again.  I am ready for the deal as I think the CDs are worth. Please inform me about the payment option. DO U have a paypal option


Topseed66: I don't have a Paypal set up; cash, check, or money order are fine.  My address is  Steve Slezak/2698 Hidden Valley Trail, N.E./Solon, Iowa  5233. Thanks.  SS