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Maybe someone can help me - do you think this is overpriced?

Not at all.  Mozart's music is priceless.  But I'll cut you a deal.  An American amazon seller has the same disc for $29.99.  If you'll send me just half of what that UK seller's asking, I'll get the disc from the US site and send it to you.  I'll not even charge you for shipping.   ;D

Hmm, let me consult my bank manager.... ;D ;D

though, notice that it isn't a UK seller, it would be mailed from the US. I was thinking about pressing One Click, obviously, but then I thought on - shipping is so expensive  ;D

(for me, the best thing about this page is the reassuring little 'Low Price' label)


--- Quote from: lukeottevanger on April 08, 2007, 02:49:15 PM ---Maybe someone can help me - do you think this is overpriced?

--- End quote ---

Only if you have a brain in your head.

Let's see, I've read some of your posts...yeah it's overpriced.  ;D

The Pound is not worth what it once was and it does say on the site that it is a low price! You will only spend the money on something else....go for it; then send it to Iago with your love.



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