Author Topic: Can I get into real jazz? If not, please help me with the smooth one ;-)  (Read 12612 times)

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Re: Can I get into real jazz? If not, please help me with the smooth one ;-)
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agreed on Dinah Washington. Dolphy and Colt were giants, so was Coleman. no doubt about it. without them I wouldn't even bother to check out guys like Ken Vandermark, Tim Berne, Henry Threadgill or Anthony Braxton.

speaking of smooth jazz, pop jazz and real jazz. why don't you try some fake jazz:
it's not so fake tbh


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How's your Jazz journey going, Ciel?

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How's your Jazz journey going, Ciel?

It says he hasn't been active here in a year, so hopefully he's been spending the time listening to Coltrane.  :)
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He's reformed, and decided to go straight to Eric Dolphy.
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