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Re: What are you listening 2 now?
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Good morning all, to those who's days begin. :)

Johann Gottfried Walther.
Complete Organ Music.
CD V. Chorale settings IV.

Simone Stella plays on a Francesco Zanin organ 2006.

While sipping my coffee, the fourth track makes me sit up properly. What a magnificent rendition of "Herr Gott, dir loben alle wir". If one would not know that the organ is from 2006, we might assume it is as old as the composer. I really love the chorale settings, and could listen to them endlessly without fatigue. The recording is magnificent; How beautiful the notes come out, as the Bordone 16 from the Hauptwerk, and the Subbasso 16, plus Trombone 16, from the Pedal roll out like thunderous blasts. Magnificent.

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Re: What are you listening 2 now?
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Geoffrey Parsons’ piano playing is so good that it steals the show
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