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Re: Wandelweiser Composers
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I can't find where it was you wrote it (I'm not here often) but somewhere you or someone else asked if we found the Wolff recording a romantic or academic work? (sorry if I am paraphrasing). For me personally, having spent many years with the Wolff disc and having heard the same musicians perform the piece live, its an intensely charged, intimately emotive work. I'm not sure if the word romantic is necessarily the correct one to use, but its far from an academic piece. The music is incredibly sensual, engaging and captivating. It just requires a certain approach to listening. I strongly would urge anyone go and attend a concert of this area of music ahead of listening to it on CD. So much comes from the room with many of these pieces.

I can imagine it's great fun to experience live

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Re: Wandelweiser
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What do you all think of this? Judging by the few youtube comments, it appears to be getting a mixed response. I like it. I like much of what I've heard from Frey. Probably an important composer in our time. I would like to hear more of his work.

I find it difficult to wrap my head around the idea of the Wandelweiser collective. Aren't there about 20 affiliates? Do they all write similarly quiet, droning music? To those here who are interested, who are some of the other names that are worth exploring?

edit: apparently, I still don't know how to embed videos:
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