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Some Great ? Puns
« on: September 06, 2009, 06:31:17 AM »
  Okay, here they are . You may groan away freely .

  Learning to type isn't so hard once you get the hangk of it.

  Atrophy- an award given to those who don't exercize.

  Skeletons study for tests by boning up on the facts.

   Four letter words are par for the coarse.

   An Arab girl thought she had met the perfect Sheikh - until she
    met a bedouin .

   Chronic complainer - the world according to carp .

   Social diseases - germs of endearment .

   If Mississippi gave Missouri, would Dellaware ? I don't know.

   Why did the cross-eyed school teacher get fired ?
   She couldn't control her pupils !

   Horticulture magazine - Weeder's Digest .

   Broken answering machine -It goes without saying .

   Life for a lensmaker can be a real grind.

   Eye doctors who live to a ripe old age dilate .

   Why didn't the eye doctor take a job in Alaska ?
   He didn't want to be an optical Aleutian .

   Where do sheep go t have their hair cut ?
    At the Baa-Baa shop .

    In Hollywood , it's not who you know but who you yes.

    Did you hear about the florist who got arrested for making an obscene
     fern call ?

   Sign outside a nudist colony - Please bare with us !

    What did Adam say when Eve went straking through the Garden of
    Eden ? Eve is absent without leaf !

    Arrogant insect -a cocky roach .

    An astronomer was asked about UFOs and said - No comet .

    People who make Venetian blinds are shady characters .

    Golf is a lot like taxes . You drive hard to get to the green
    and you end up in the hole.

    Precocious baby -a flash in the pram.

    Critic - Some one who pans for gold .

    Frightened flower arranger - A petrified florist .

     What do you call  archeology students in Egyptology who study
      the plumbing systems of the ancient Egyptian ruling class ?
      Pharaoh faucet majors .

     Do turtles wear people neck sweaters ?

     From a newspaprer - Students without measles vaccinations
     spotted .

            ;D             ;D                ::)


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Re: Some Great ? Puns
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Not bad. :D


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Re: Some Great ? Puns
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