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Well, I think it's about time we brought some life into the Opera and Vocal room. ;D

I'm planning on purchasing Ignacy Jan Paderewski's opera Manru. There's only one recording in existence, AFAIK (please correct me if I'm wrong):

Has anyone heard this? What do you think of it?

I generally like Paderewski as a composer (his songs, miniatures, the Piano Concerto and Polish Fantasy; I'm not much of a fan of the Symphony though) and the snippets I've heard of Manru were quite interesting...


Much as I would like to contribute to this first thread in my favourite room, the opera is a new one on me and I know nothing of it other than what you write.

I had a friend, now dead, whose father was a Polish diplomat and Paderewski sat her on his knee as a little girl and helped her to play the piano. But this bit of information does not take us far with the thread I am afraid.


Not true. It simply means we should take the topic in a different direction. ;D

I once met his granddaughter. Or someone else somehow closely related to him. The lady was over 90 years old and that was about 10 years ago. Well, maybe met is too strong a word. I saw her from a relatively close distance and heard her speak (my school was named after Paderewski and they invited her over for the naming ceremony).


Clearly he was a remarkable his education and broad cultural background and achievements to the sort of politicos we endure now.


I've a polish CD with all his violin and piano works,
including a beautiful full sonata op.13 (nobody ever plays
it) plus his Allegro de concerto for piano and orch. Also
have an awfully difficult piano sonata. All is very good stuff.


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