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Master Class on Beethoven - Short Clip
« on: January 25, 2022, 07:38:37 AM »
by Seymour Bernstein (who is from the Beethoven lineage)

Seymour Bernstein on Beethoven: Technique & Interpretation (Interview at the piano)


Beethoven's "Für Elise" Performed By Seymour Bernstein


Seymour Bernstein

Film - Master Teacher of Concert Pianists

Film - “Seymour:  An Introduction”

A beautiful, beautiful film, for all lovers of classical music and a gentle aesthetic.

From the Beethoven lineage, after his own career as a concert pianist, Seymour Bernstein became a master teacher of other concert pianists.

I think this is the correct lineage, but not 100% positive:

Beethoven taught Liszt.  Liszt taught Czerny.  Czerny taught Leschetizky.  Leschetizky taught Clara Husserl.  Clara Husserl taught Seymour Bernstein.

Clara Husserl also taught her daughter, who became a profound concert pianist.  She taught my mother.  And she also taught Liberace.  I once asked my mother if Liberace was more of a popular musician or if he had the skills to have become a major concert pianist.  My mother said that he absolutely had all the professional skills to have become a major concert pianist.

Actor Ethan Hawke met Seymour Bernstein and was extremely impressed by him.
In 2014, he made a film about him.

Meet Seymour Bernstein: a beloved pianist, teacher and true inspiration who shares eye-opening insights from an amazing life. Ethan Hawke helms this poignant guide to life.


Trailer:  “Seymour:  An Introduction”


“Seymour:  An Introduction”

Imdb page:


Wikipedia - Bio of Seymour Bernstein


Of course, I am personally prejudiced because Seymour Bernstein was a childhood friend of my mother.  She was a coloratura and also a student of Clara Husserl.  He was speaking at a local event.  I brought my mother to see him.  They had not seen each other in 60 years!  It was wonderful to see the beaming smiles on both their faces.

My mother’s piano skills were not at the level of Seymour Bernstein, but her voice certainly was.