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Re: Buxtehude's Building of Bricks
« Reply #20 on: April 02, 2020, 03:55:01 AM »
I've been listening to some of the harpsichord music, by the talented Lars Ulrik Mortensen. A very inventive composer, he must have been a brilliant keyboardist... what's the story about how Bach walked 400km from Arnstadt to Lübeck to see Buxtehude (who was by then nearing the end of his life) play the organ...? Not hard to tell why!

What are some highlights among his vocal music? There's a few discs of his chamber music that I'm also interested in...

... And of course this wonderful record has been discussed elsewhere, it would be my 'Record of the Year 2019' were it not for the fact it was released very late in 2018.

Buxtehude : Abendmusiken : Vox Luminis

This is a mix of Cantatas and Trio Sonatas, mainly.  It could conceivably represent a sort of evening concert as encountered by the young JS Bach when he walked to Lubeck.
Although this is a wonderful recording the Trio Sonatas are played rather plainly, those on Naxos featuring John Holloway are for example a more interesting listen, or that La Rêveuse collection upthread.
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