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quintett op.57:
Having a look at my Chamber music collection, I noticed it was full of piano trios, string quartets, string quintets, piano quintets and so many pieces for piano & 1 other instrument.

It lacks more original forms.
They're generally less famous, but among the few unusual ensembles I have, there's a good proportion of great works.

Let's mention these :

Zelenka :         trio sonata n°2, for 2 oboes and bassoon

Schumann :    Märchenerzählungen, for clarinet, viola and piano
                      Andante & variations, for 2 cellos, 2 pianos and horn

Dohnanyi :      Sextet for piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet & horn

Ravel :            Introduction & Allegro, for string quartet, clarinet, flute & harp

Archaic Torso of Apollo:

--- Quote from: quintett op.57 on December 24, 2009, 04:51:54 PM ---Dohnanyi :      Sextet for piano, violin, viola, cello, clarinet & horn

--- End quote ---

I like the Penderecki Sextet for exactly this combo of instruments.

Also Stravinsky's Octet, whose exact instrumentation I can't remember but it calls for both tenor and bass trombone. Stravinsky wrote a number of chamber works for unusual ensembles.

quintett op.57:
Mentioning Stravinsky is so pertinent.
Notably because he's such a master of wind instruments.

Franz Schmidt: quintet for piano left hand,clarinet,violin,viola and cello.
Holst:quintet for piano, oboe,clarinet,horn and faggot.
d'Indy:trio for piano,clarinet and cello
Balakireff: Octet (one movement) for piano, violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, french horn and bass.

A piece which (great timing!) I happened to revisit last night: Prokofiev's Quintet in g minor, Opus 39 (ob/cl/vn/va/cb)


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