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I think I've already started a Thread on Costin Miereanu, but the Search function has been disabled. Anyhow, for those interested in the byways of Spectralism, I offer Miereanu as a highly refined Composer of the French School of the Avant-Garde. I merely bring this up since I stumbled upon a cheap copy of a Salabert editions CD of four works,... which hasn't arrived yet; but, my expectations are high- it includes a "Symphony",...

Miereanu's Discography is meager, but there are some cool YT vids, including some synth-y sounding pieces with the work "Terre" in the Title,- those who like Eno should really enjoy these Minimalist mood pieces,- they sound like a perfect '70s paranoid fantasy to me, - like "perfect" Feldman,... anyhow, writing mechanism not working at the moment...
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