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Spotted Horses:

--- Quote from: Pohjolas Daughter on August 24, 2021, 05:54:52 AM ---Good question.  From what I recall, all of the Denon CDs that I've purchased, I had found used.

I found this in Wiki:  and this:


--- End quote ---

Yes, Denon, the equipment manufacturer is now merged with Marantz. But usually when a record label goes out of business the recordings get licensed to some other entity. (Like Delos recordings now released by Naxos, ASV now released by Decca.) Seems a shame that Denon didn't do something similar. Maybe an opportunity for someone.

MDG is licensing and reissuing some old Denon recordings, but the problem is they are doing a trickle of like 2 per year rather than really going for it.

Are Hyperion and APR related, or do they just employ the same design/layout person?

Roy Bland:
Dutch brass label

Roy Bland:
Italian label


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