What game are you playing?

Started by DavidW, May 09, 2010, 04:07:59 PM

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lol yeah steam deck.  Steak deck, I didn't even remember typing that!


Oh a compromise is a mini-itx build.  They have much better thermals these days.  Just a bit bigger than a console (though I will admit the current gen consoles are chunky monkeys).  My personal experience is that you have to have small hands and a delicate touch if you're going to build it.


Quote from: DavidW on December 20, 2023, 07:25:02 AMMy hot take is that I'm not really into gaming laptops.  They are expensive, hard to upgrade, and have inferior performance and cooling to desktops.  If you really want something portable then a Steak deck or the Asus equivalent is an option.  If you really want something powerful, build or buy a desktop.  A laptop does neither well.
For most cases, yeah.

I have one, but it's a more odd scenario. My desktop PC is in a room where I can't do VR- back ~5 years ago I bought an Alienware gaming laptop that I knew would be good for gaming for quite a while, but more specifically, for VR. And wanted portability + not having another full desktop just for VR space.

Finishing up playing Half-Life Alyx on that same gaming laptop (using my old Vive), and it has been running well.

speaking of PCs, also bought this keyboard on Black Friday:


the clickiness of the keys and the feeling of impact is a million times better than a normal keyboard. It feels just like typing on a typewriter.

I'd say the only reason to ever use a normal keyboard is in office, is so you don't annoy your coworkers with the super loud clicking.
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I'm jealous @greg of you playing that new Half Life game!  I can't, VR makes me really, really nauseous. 


Quote from: DavidW on December 21, 2023, 11:37:14 AMI'm jealous @greg of you playing that new Half Life game!  I can't, VR makes me really, really nauseous. 
Yeah. There's so much variability with nausea and VR. Depends on the game, depends on the section of the game, depends on the person. There have been games I couldn't play due to nausea. And with this game, I last about 1 hour at a time before I have to take small breaks because the low-level feeling of nausea builds up over time (1 hour being much better than most VR games).

They did use point-and-click movement instead of running, also, and I think it helps a bit. The absolute worst part with any game is when it goes from normal to locking up or some loading screen, I feel instantly like I'm about to puke so I have to close my eyes.
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I started The Expanse Tell Tale game.  Good of use of zero g game mechanics.  I like it so far.


After The Expanse I played Far Changing Tides and Blair Witch Project, both of which proved to be tedious and I didn't finish.

I'm expecting the upcoming Xbox announcement will be MS throwing in the tale and announcing all their exclusives will no longer be exclusive.  And I expect in the long term they will continue switching to being a game platform and service across pc and ps5.  I've been an Xbox fan for a long time, but I expect I will be selling my series X and focusing completely on pc and the ps5.  To say that this generation has been a crushing disappointment for Xbox would be to express it mildly despite them spending literally billions to acquire so many studios.