Mario Laurenti transfers on CDs (from my own collection) plus Verlet,Rappold

Started by Vintagemarc, June 29, 2010, 02:24:00 AM

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I read the post about Mario Laurenti,Baritone on Edison Diamond Discs. 
I am a private record collector,archivist,independent CD reissue producer & proprietor of a Toronto CD reissue company,Heritage Records.          My name is Marc Bernstein.   My mother is the retired soprano,Mary Simmons.   
I have been collecting 78s and Edison Diamond Discs since I was 14.   
I have over 45,000 78s and Edison Diamond Discs in my archives.         
  I specialize in custom-made CD transfers for record collectors of 78s,Pathes,Edison Diamond Discs and acetates/16 inch transcription discs
from my collection.   I use vintage audio (tube)  equipment with signal processors and properly set EQ for 78s and Edison Discs in my transfers.   These are the Edison artists (singers,instrumemtalists)  in my collection:  I can transfer any of them to CD-Rs for $20.00 per CD in US dollars.    Shipping is $10.00.    Payment is by paypal.   I have Edison Diamond Discs by these singers:
Marie Rappold, Alice Verlet, Mario Laurenti,Carl Jorn,Arthur Middleton,Anna Case, Frieda Hempel, Stella Power,Maggie Teyte,
Instrumentalists : Albert Spalding,Vasa Prihoda,Rachmaninoff, Carl Flesch,etc.   I just purchased an extensive,very rare vocal/instrumental / orchestral 78 RPM collection:  about 500 78s.  Many rare vocals  (Gilbert & Sullivan D'Oly Carte Operetta 78s from late 1920's-early 1930's.        Opera/Lieder : Pasquale Amato,
Chaliapin, Stabile,Elizabeth Schumann, Pinza,  many more.  For further details or to order: 

My website:
Send me a PM for contact information

I have 78s by David Bispham,Mardones,Florence Austral, Peter Dawson, Robert Radford, Frank Mullings, Walter Widdop,Boninsegna,Braslau,Julia Culp,Caruso,Homer,Gluck,Farrar,McCormack,Matzenauer,Werrenrath,Lucy Marsh,Lambert Murphy,& thousands more to choose from.     lastly,over the past 20 years,I have perfected my own unique and original method of playing and transfering Edisons, Pathes,plus lateral 78s to CDs.   My collection/archives includes Brunswick,Victor, Parlophone,Polydor,HMV, Odeon,Columbia