FS: Bargain priced original LYRITA UK pressed CDs

Started by just Jeff, June 17, 2010, 04:27:28 AM

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just Jeff

Shipping in the US is $3.50 for first CD, $4.50 2 CDs, $5.00 3 CDs, and 4 or more CDs is $6 in the US.  Shipping outside the US is at cost plus $1.50 for mailer/materials.  I ship anywhere in the world.

I accept paypal, checks, money orders, and cash sent in secure envelope.

Please claim here, and then PM info, thanks.

Sir Lennox Berkeley Conducts Berkeley Britten, Benjamin / Berkeley, London Phil. Orch. LYRITA  SRCD 226  $5  SOLD

Malcolm Arnold - Symphony No. 4 Op. 71 Arnold cond. London Phil. Orch. LYRITA SRCD 200  $4

Edmund Rubbra: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 7; Festival Overture Adrian Boult  LYRITA SRCD 235  $6 SOLD

Alun Hoddinott: Symphonies Nos.  2, 3 & 5 Hoddinott, Alun; Andrew Davis  LYRITA SRCD 331  $4 SOLD

Edmund Rubbra - Symphonies No. 6 & 8; Soliloquy Rohan de Saram  LYRITA SRCD 234   $5

Portsmouth Point/Sinfonia Co Walton: cnd/LSO/LPO  LYRITA  SRCD 224      $4

Edmund Rubbra - Symphonies No. 3, & 4; A Tribute; Resurgam LYRITA SRCD 202  $4  SOLD

William Alwyn:Symphonies No. 2, No. 3, & No. 5 Alwyn conducts London Phil Orch LYRITA SRCD 228 STILL SEALED  $19

Grace Williams - Sea Sketches; Fantasia; Carillons; Penillion - Groves, Atherton LSO/RPO/ECO   $7

William Wordsworth - Symphony Nos. 2 & 3 Nicholas Braithwaite cond. London Phil Orch LYRITA SRCD 207  $5 SOLD

Mathias: Clarinet Conc, / Harp Conc./ Piano Conc. David Atherton (Conductor), Osian Ellis (Performer), London Sym Orch, New Phil Orch, Peter Katin LYRITA SRCD 325 $5

These CDs are all in Near Mint condition for discs, cases, and inserts.  They look unplayed - pure perfection.  They are the original UK pressings issued mostly around 1990 - 1992, and are from a large collection of 20th Century composers' recordings on CD.  I thought some here might need to fill in some holes in their collections.  These CDs are priced at 1/2 of the lowest prices I could find on ebay or amazon.
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just Jeff

Ok, glad to see a few of these find new homes.  Folks have PM'd me directly and claimed several of these so far.  One going back to the UK where it came from, others heading to the Eastern world.

I have a couple more to add to this batch of Lyrita UK pressed originals on CD

Alan Rawsthorne - Syms. Nos. 1, 2, & 3 - London Phil & CCS Sym Orch, Pritchard/Braithwaite/Del Mar LYRITA SRCD 291  $4  SOLD

Marcolm Arnold - English & Irish Dances / Scottish & Cornish Dances / Sarabande & Polka - LSO, composer conducts - LYRITA SRCD 2101, this 1990 CD has small tear on front booklet (no content or pages are missing) $3

Marcolm Arnold - Four Scottish Dances / Symphony No. 3 Op. 63 - LSO, the composer conducts, this is a Lyrita UK recording issued in the US in 1988 on the Phoenix label PHCD 102 $4  First appearance of this material on CD.

I am offering major discounts to forum members, so if you see anything of interest in my store below, please contact me before paying so I can deduct your discount on shipping and for multiple items bought at same time.

For those that like Vinyl, please visit my store at:  http://20thcenturymusic.ecrater.com/

and for CDs, have a look at my amazon store at: http://www.amazon.com/shops/A1WSTA0CCWCRFC

Those two stores are very new, so I am still loading up items daily with many more 20th Century Composers' recordings to go yet. Lots of rare and obscure stuff, old recordings of composers conducting their own works, early CDs issued in 1984 to 1996.
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