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All things Igor Fyodorovich.

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All right, I was lured into continuing with Dostoyevsky, and now I cannot put Crime & Punishment down (or at least, there are days when I don't pick it up, but I won't pick up any book other until I've finished this re-read).

But once I get to the end of that novel, I'm taking back up:

A Creative Spring: Russia and France 1882–1934
by Stephen Walsh

I dearly love Stravinsky. ;D I was limited far too long to The Rite of Spring and Firebird, and once I expanded beyond he quickly became one of my very favorites. His music is quite modern and daring, yet appealing and catchy.

My favorite Stravinskians are Salonen and Boulez, they both get it right on clarity and passion, and really "get" Stravinsky's complex rhythmic writing.

I'm currently in love with the Violin Concerto (Cho-Liang Lin/Salonen), it's irresistable, right from the jaunty beginning it just enchants you and doesn't let go. Witty, fresh, breezy...divine.

I love that lighter side of Stravinsky and definitely have to explore more!

I'm primarily familiar with his big orchestral work, some of the ballets, Symphony in Three Movements. (A real gem!)

Any "lighter side" recommendations?  :D

There is also this thread on Oedipus Rex.,4130.0.html


Le Sacre, Petrushka, Noces, Renard, Cantata, In memoriam Dylan Thomas, Symphony in three movements are among the absolute masterpieces of the XX century.

An extraordinary master that, in the XX century can only be matched with Debussy and Schönberg. 


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