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Alla Pavlova (b.1952)
« on: September 21, 2021, 05:36:25 AM »
Time for a thread dedicated to Alla Pavlova.

I'm surprised, bearing in mind the zeitgeist, that this female Ukrainian-American composer isn't better known or fêted.  Best known for her tonal, accessible, romantic symphonic work, with 8 of her 11 symphonies released so far by Naxos and Albany, she is well worthy of inclusion in the rapidly expanding number of immigres to America finding a place in the 21st century catalogue.

According to t'internet, her music takes as its inspiration the great Russian masters of the 20th century, and each of her works seem crossed by the topic of uprooting and exile. She lives in New York, where she is a member of New York Women Composers, and is an increasingly favourite composer of mine. Her ballet suite, Sulamith is lovely, as is Monolog, The Old New York Nostalgia (suite), and Thumbelina.

MusicWeb have a helpful feature on her to get you started:
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