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« on: July 31, 2010, 01:02:17 AM »
Hello !
I am new on this forum . i am a passionate music-lover who like speaking about composers.
But i don't love all the periods.
My preferred composers are the "preromantics" : i am a fan of "competitors" of Beethoven : Hummel, Ries,
Kuhlau, Steibelt, Dussek, Tomasek, Woelfl, Cramer, Field, Vorisek, Spohr, Neukomm,Cherubini,Boely,
Eberl, Kalkbrenner, Moscheles, addition of course of Beethoven ,Schubert and Weber!

I love so : contemporaries of Mozart , Kozeluh , Johann Hassler, Pleyel , Clementi ,Vanhal,K Stamitz,
Vranicky, and i am a great admirer of J.Haydn.

In the romantics my preferred are Mendelssohn and Schumann , chopin ,but also F.Hiller , W.Taubert,
WS Bennet.  I don't like Liszt, Wagner , Berlioz,verdi and romantics italians Operas ....instrumental
music (especially the piano ) is my real trip.
I am not fool of the last romantics period ( Brahms , Franck .....) except a special affection to the music
of Saint-Saens and Carl Reinecke among others of course...

In the XX° only some opus of Chostakovitch among other have my friendship....i am definitively tonal,
without hope....

In early periods i have sympathies for Bach, Haendel ,Telemann . I am fan of the Scarlatti's sonatas
(played on piano , not on harpsichord).Mattheson is i think injustly neglected
I am an admirer of CPE Bach , i think one of the most important "preclassic ".

In conclusion i am in fact specialized in the 1780-1840 period were i am "incollable", and the others
periods interest me only in connection with this one.

I have forgotten composers ,but i will speak better on the forum . Thank you


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Re: presentations
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Thats a impressive list my friend, welcome to GMG, and you will find many that will share your enthusiasm for all the composers named, me amongst them. ;D

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Re: presentations
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We've already been talking about Hummel... but anyhow, welcome to the GMG Discussion Boards :)

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Re: presentations
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Yes, I agree that is quite an impressive list indeed! Welcome to the forum and greetings from Beethoven's Heiligenstadt as well, assadourian.  8)
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