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Okay, y'all:  We've gotten warmed up with a group effort at an Essentials List for newbies.  How about we each offer our own essentials list, picking a manageable number of titles (cycles included here) that's neither too daunting for a newbie nor insufficiently restrictive to prevent us from careful consideration of our selections...say, 25 titles apiece?  But to keep it a bit more challenging, let's limit the number of box sets to 5, and further restrict that to cycles (i.e. LvB 4tets) and not complete collections:  no 100-disc Complete Haydn on Brilliant or similar offerings.  Operas, oratorios, Mahler symphonies (  ;D ), etc.,  will not count as such a set but rather as one work

You can approach this however you like, as a broad overview intended for a rank newcomer, as a narrower but deeper exploration of a particular era or genre that excites you and you think will excite others, or as a personal "desert island faves" list that you would not want to be without...or by throwing darts at your CD collection, if that's what floats your boat!

Anyone care to begin?

Taking title to include multi-disc issues makes this a bit easier.

Off the top of my head, 25 titles which, even if I somehow had to liquidate my library, I should refuse to let go:

Stravinsky Conducts Stravinsky
Stravinsky, Threni, Les noces, Symphony of Psalms / Robt Craft conductor
Shostakovich, Complete Symphonies / Maksim Shostakovich, conductor
Shostakovich, Symphony № 10, Songs & Dances of Death / Jansons, Phila, Robt Lloyd
Shostakovich, Preludes & Fugues, Opus 87 / Nikolayeva

Shostakovich, Suite on Words of Michelangelo, Six Romances on Verses by Relaigh, Burns & Shakespeare, &c. / Abdrazakov, Noseda, BBC Phil
Shostakovich, Violin Concertos / Khatchatryan, Masur, Orchestre National de France
Hindemith, Complete Kammermusiken / Abbado, members of the Berlin Philharmonic
Hindemith, Das Marienleben (new version) / Isokoski, Viitasalo
Prokofiev, Violin Sonatas / Kremer, Argerich

Prokofiev, Romeo & Juliet / Ozawa, BSO
Prokofiev, L’enfant prodigue, Le pas d’acier / Jurowski, conductor
Boulez conducts Schoenberg I
Boulez conducts Schoenberg II
Feldman, Crippled Symmetries / California EAR Unit

Sibelius, Symphonies / Blomstedt, SFSO
Doráti conducts Bartók
Berlioz Box / Munch, BSO
Rakhmaninov, Symphony № 1, Isle of the Dead / Noseda, BBC Phil
Rakhmaninov, Complete Songs

Wuorinen, String Sextet & other works / Group for Contemporary Music, &al.
Markevich, Arrangement of JS Bach The Musical Offering / Lyndon-Gee, Arnhem Phil
Tallis, Complete Works
Cage, Cheap Imitation &c. / Schleiermacher
My 40-disc JS Bach box

Way to go, Karl!  Perhaps your approach is wiser than mine--I'm having a hard time paring it down and up.  A dozen or so is easy, and 50+ might not be too hard, but trimming it to 25 is proving harder than I thought.  Heck, in most cases even choosing one version among several competing recordings of a work is tough!

Anyway, here's a go that's both aimed at newbies and none of which I'd care to be without:

1   Bach      Cello Suites      Fournier      
2   Bach   Goldberg Variations   Schiff ECM      
3   Bach      Violin Concertos        Suwanai/COE      
4   Beethoven   Piano Sonatas         Kovacevich      
5   Beethoven   String Quartets   Emerson SQ      
6   Beethoven   Symphonies   Abbado/BP (Rome)      
7   Brahms   Piano Concertos 1 & 2     Freire/Chailly/Gewandhaus Leipzig      
8   Copland   Appalachian Spring/Rodeo/Billy the Kid        MTT/SFS      
9   Debussy   Prelude…Faun/La Mer/Images/En Bateau   MTT/Giulini/BSO      
10   Debussy   Preludes      Planès      
11   Elgar   Cello Concerto/Enigma Variations    Tortelier/Boult/LPO      
12   Haydn   String Quartets op 33   Quatuor Mosaiques      
13   Mahler   Symphonies    Sinopoli/Philharmonia      
14   Mozart   Symphonies 40 & 41   Minkowski/Musiciens du Louvre      
15   Mozart   Cosi fan tutte    Jacobs      
16   Pärt     Tabula Rasa/Fratres/Cantus   Jarrett/Kremer      
17   Prokofiev   Piano Concerto 3 (+ Ravel Piano Concerto)   Argerich/Abbado/BP      
18   Rachmaninov   Piano Concertos 2 & 3   Ashkenazy/Kondrashin      
19   Rossini   Il Barbiere di Siviglia      Prey/Berganza/Abbado/LSO      
20   Sibelius   Symphonies   Blomstedt/SFS      
21   Sibelius   Tone Poems   Vänskä/Lahti      
22   Strauss, R.   Four Last Songs/Metamorphosen/Oboe Cto   Janowitz/Karajan/BP      
23   Stravinsky   Pétrouchka/ Le Sacre du Printemps      Boulez/CO      
24   Vaughan Williams   Symphony 5/The Lark Ascending   Davis/Thomson/LSO      
25   Vivaldi   Four Seasons/3 Violin Concertos   Carmignola/Marcon/Venice Baroque Orch      

Of course the list would probably be different tomorrow, but about half would probably be included every time (at least the works, if not the performers).

Edit: typo


Can more than one recording be cited for a particular work? 

The new erato:

--- Quote from: Bulldog on September 07, 2010, 10:10:59 AM ---Question:

Can more than one recording be cited for a particular work?

--- End quote ---
Translated: Is 50 Goldbergs acceptable?



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