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I didn't spend much time on this, but here's a list that I can live with off the top of my head:

Bach B Minor Mass Harnoncourt
Bach WTC   Tureck
Beethoven Piano Sonatas  Arrau
Beethoven SQ Takacs
Beethoven Symphonies Karajan
Berg Boulez Edition   
Carter SQ   Arditti
Debussy (w/Saint-Saens) Chamber Music for Woodwinds   
Durufle/Faure Requiems Cleobury
Haydn SQ    Amadeus
Haydn Symphonies (mixed set) Weil
Mozart Symphonies 25-41 Bohm
Mozart Cosi fan tutte Jacobs
Mozart Requiem Hogwood
Mozart/Brahms Clarinet Quintets Emerson/Stolzman
Puccini Tosca Callas
Puccini La Boheme Tebaldi
Schoenberg Boulez Edition I   
Stravinsky Greek Ballets Craft
Stravinsky Concerto set Stravinsky
Stravinsky Minatures set Stravinsky
Verdi Otello Toscanini
Webern - comp. Boulez   
Wourinen Music of Two Decades I   
Wourinen Music of Two Decades II

EDIT: nixed Golijov and added Beethoven piano sonatas.   


--- Quote from: erato on September 07, 2010, 10:12:27 AM ---Translated: Is 50 Goldbergs acceptable?


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Wouldn't be more than 25.  Actually, a lot less.  I have to leave room for a few WTC's and recordings of other composers.

A location dedicated to lists with near-infinite subjects... I sense this becoming the most popular of all GMG threads ;D

Here's mine:

Bach - Goldberg Variations - Hantai/Mirare
Bach - Goldberg Variations - Tureck/DG
Bach - Goldberg Variations - Schiff/ECM
Bach - Goldberg Variations - Gould (81)/Sony
Bach - French Suites - Cates/Music & Arts
Bach - ClavierUbung III - Suzuki/BIS
Bach - WTC - Tureck/DG
Bach - WTC - Woodward/Celestial Harmonies
Bach - WTC - Wilson/Teldec or Apex
Bach - WTC - Watchorn/Musica Omnia
Bach - Keyboard Partitas/Sheppard/Romeo
Bartok - String Quartets/Vegh/Music & Arts
Chopin - Preludes - Argerich/DG
Dvorak - String Quartets - Panocha/Supraphon
Granados - Goyescas - De Larrocha/EMI
Handel - Heroic Arias - Bowman/King/Hyperion
Haydn - Piano Sonatas - Brendel/Philips
Mahler - Symphony No. 4 - Fischer/Channel Classics
Mozart - Great Mass in C minor - Leppard/EMI
Myaskovsky/Vainberg - Violin Concertos/Yablonsky/Naxos
Schumann - Kreisleriana & Sym. Etudes/Schliessmann/Bayer
Scriabin/Shostakovich - Piano Preludes/Deyanova/Nimbus
Shostakovich - Preludes & Fugues, Op. 87 - Nikolayeva/Regis
Taneyev - String Quartets - Taneyev Qt./Northern Flowers
Taneyev - Piano Trio & Piano Quartet - Barbican Piano Trio/Dutton Epoch


--- Quote from: Bulldog on September 07, 2010, 10:10:59 AM ---Question:

Can more than one recording be cited for a particular work?

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--- Quote from: erato on September 07, 2010, 10:12:27 AM ---Translated: Is 50 Goldbergs acceptable?

--- End quote ---
As long as it's Bach!

I'm looking forward to seeing more lists.  Seems to me that this exercise might be helpful to newbies seeking recommendations re. music to investigate, to forum newcomers (new to CM or not) getting a handle on members' tastes and predilections, and also to old-timers hoping to discover unsuspected gems among the well-worn well as being surprised sometimes by others' picks, like Don's Mahler 4 and Granados, or MI's Bantock.


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