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Started by Guido, September 12, 2010, 05:37:05 AM

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A lot of Rutter's work is commissioned. I think he is a fine choral conductor and choir trainer. His music curls my toes. A single three minute slice is fine, but he stays firmly in the sweetie shop and writes middle brow easy listening all the way.

I think that what I find most odd, well artistically offensive, is that he is a self proclaimed nonbeliever, but he has pretty much devoted his artistic life to catering to the Church of England's desire for happy-clappy material supposedly bolstering faith.

We have discussed elsewhere that non believers can provide first rate pieces with a religious theme, but to devote an entire creative life to such a niche when it means nothing to you turns him into a commercial product and nothing more.

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There is a composer named Rutter
about whom it is heard many utter,
that he likes to eat slugs
and six legged bugs
saut├ęd in garlic and butter.

mc ukrneal

I recently heard some Rutter and was intrigued. I then read there was a new disc of his from naxos, which looks interesting. As I was reading about Rutter, I came across an article that described Walton as a big influence on his music, so now I am also looking for Walton discs. Interesting how one can lead to another.

As an aside, the composer threads are usually a bit more upbeat than this one. I think if I liked Rutter and came across this thread, I might just slink away so as not to be castigated by the good members here. Personally, I'd be interested to know what the more interesting works are, what are the recordings to go for, etc.
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