Fedoseyev, Complete Beethoven Small Horses

Started by jlaurson, January 06, 2011, 09:11:07 AM

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Anyone interested in the box set (used, but hardly so) of Fedos(s)eyev's Beethoven?

Music for the Royals Stables, op.201

Not currently available in the US, it seems.

If so, PM me with a fair offer.

Five digi-packs in a paper slipcase.

These symphonies are performed with the Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Radio (formerly known as the USSR State Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra or also Symphony Orchestra of All-Union Radio and Television) and were recorded live in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. There is a good deal of ambient noise. The liner notes claim that Fedosseyev is the "most Russian among Russian conductors", and perhaps the TSOMR is the most Russian orchestra, too. No exposition repeats are taken.


Aww, I thought it was a recording of the rarely recorded Beethoven Symponies (commisioned to accompany Royal polo-pony contests) rather than yet another recording of the symphonies.   :'(