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Do you use any Social Networking Sites?

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Dungeon Master:
I have implemented a social network sharing option on posts.

I am interested in how much this will be used. Do you participate in any of these sites? Would you use the "Share this" option to promote a post using the social networking site of your choice?

John Copeland:
I think it is a good idea myself.

I am on Facebook and Twitter, and might consider sharing a GMG post to either.  Although, that said, it might be tricky, given that some of the posts here might be odd out of context--i.e., without the "conversation" either before or after.  And for Twitter, obviously the posts would have to be somehow condensed to fit in with the 140-character format.

But an idea well worth exploring, for sure.




The Diner:
These will come in handy as I shared a video of Bruce's on Facebook the old-fashioned way just yesterday.  0:)


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