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Re: Rachmaninoff: The Must Have Recordings
« Reply #60 on: July 08, 2012, 09:26:00 AM »
The last time I tried getting started with Rach, this was the cd 'you all' basically told me to get,... which I just haven't gotten around to, though, coming from a Liszt listening spree, I though Rach must have things that I like.

For 'Solo Piano' ONLY, what might snyprrr respond to? If I think it sounds too much like... mm, salon?,... I mean,... I NEED modern sound,... and I generally respond to well planned recitals by the ultra-virtuoso,... one would really want ultra-virtuoso here, no?,... just to get the 'magical' thing, the effortless flying?

aye :-[ communication breakdown :-\

I really liked Volodos's Liszt on Sony,... but he doesn't have a typical solo Rach cd that comparable, right? Angelich?

I don't like Volodos. For modern sound Rachmaninoff, try this cheap 2CD set:

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