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I like

Modern/Postmodern: Orchestral
Romantic: Piano
Classical: Chamber (PI)
Baroque: Vocal

Any recs?

MDT is also having a Naxos sale, and an order of 5 CDs actually comes out a couple bucks cheaper for me because Archiv collects California sales tax (of course I include all this uncollected sales tax when doing my California state tax return  ;) ).  MDT also has the stuff that can't be released in the US.

Sticking to recentish Naxoi:

The Sarasate series with Tianwa Yang
Schmidt Symphonies (particularly Symphony No. 2)
Balada: Caprichos
Michael Daugherty orchestral works (the latest is Route 66 and other works.)
Roussel Symphonies
Brian: Symphonies 11 & 15
Ginastera: Veriaciones Concertantes
Dvorak: Piano Quartets
Hindemith: Chamber works for clarinet
Benjamin Lees: String Quartets
Schoenberg: String Quartets 3 & 4

Thanks!  I ordered one of the Roussel and a bunch of others that posters on that forum rec'd me.

Thanks for all of the recs, out of what I did not have and what I'm interested in plus a couple of others that I wanted I placed my order:

Is it still on? These are the things I ordered, after weeks of NML listening; they're the ones I decided I had to have on my iPod/with me when I was internet-free.

David, my obvious recommendation is to purchase all of the Taneyev Naxos recordings.  8)


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