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Musical Comedy broadcasts
« on: January 10, 2021, 07:59:08 AM »
A wonderful series of fifty-seven half-hour programmes devoted to musical comedy (both American and British) was broadcast by 2GB Sydney Radio (Australia) during the 1940s. Here are works by composers of the calibre of Lionel Monckton (1861-1924), Sidney Jones (1869-1946), Ivan Caryll (1861-1921), Howard Talbot (1865-1928), Lesley Stuart (1864-1928) and Paul Rubens (1876-1917) - masters of a still sadly-neglected genre.

From the website of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia:

Series: 143504
Summary: The best of the musical comedies each presented in a self-contained half-hour
episode of narrative and song. Albert Fisher’s Orchestra is supported by Australia’s leading
vocalists in the presentation of selected hits.
Contributors: Albert Fisher’s Orchestra (MSG), Albert Fisher (ARR), E. Mason Wood (PDR),
Redmond Phillips (SCR, EDS), Walter Pym (NRT), Peter Bathurst (NRT).
Label: Artransa
Episode duration: 30 mins
Episodes produced: 57
Broadcast details: 1940s- ; Wednesday on 2GB at 9.00pm., in 1946 moved to Wednesday at
8.00pm, in 1947 moved to Friday at 8.00pm.

Here are eleven of the episodes:

I would be grateful if anyone could supply further information regarding the full extent of the Musical Comedy Theatre broadcasts.

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