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Re: Composers who died young
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The Kapralova Society website (credited in above photo) is extensive, I've visited some pages before.

Website claims that the cause of death is not clear:

Main page says Despite her untimely death in 1940, from what was misdiagnosed as miliary tuberculosis, Kapralova left behind an impressive body of work.

Footnote 10 on the Life page says The latest research into possible causes of Kapralova’s death suggests that she may have died of typhoid fever, caused by S. typhi bacteria. I am indebted to Dr Philip Mackowiak, professor emeritus of University of Maryland School of Medicine, for making this educated guess as to the etiology of Kapralova’s fatal illness, which is based on Kapralova’s original medical record from Saint-Eloi clinic in Montpellier, France.

Strange stuff. Whatever the circumstances, her death was a great loss to classical music. She showed enormous potential.
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