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Ready for a new game? Identify orchestra/conductor/player


What do you folks think of this idea? But would it be OK to post short clips from commercial recordings or not?  :-\

I would assume it should be OK to post clips as short as what amazon posts on their site as samples.

This game has been going on at RMCR for a while, called Mystery Orchestra (I think since the Hatto news broke, LOL) and it has been popular. If you didn't really have a clue as to who, you were invited to make comments on the performance and interpretation. The results can be surprising, depends on how devious the game leader was. ;)

I ran one myself there once, a variation called Mystery Comparison, with a short movement of a work, and 3 different intrepretations to compare and contrast. Quite interesting!

This kind of thing shows sometimes how critics' opinions can influence our listening, occasionally reactions with blind listening turned out rather opposite from reviews.

A fun diversion...we used YouSendIt or Rapidshare to post clips.

Sounds interesting...

(Re posting clips. This is from the Forum Guidelines - which BTW hardly anyone has read so far, so please oblige Rob and us, your loving mod team, and do that right away ;D: "Small music samples may be posted on the forum, but anything that contravenes copyright laws will not be acceptable behaviour.").



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