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Re: Artbooks and artworks you have purchased
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What's your cut off in terms of made prints?

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Re: Artbooks and artworks you have purchased
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Went on a trip to the Funen island and found this fellow in a cute farmhouse antique shop for very little money, on the Heln├Žs peninsula.

Chronologically, there's resemblance say to Schumann portraits, and it's thus from the decades called the 'Golden Age' of Danish art. Probably around 1825-60.

Looking forward to try to perhaps obtain further background info about the portrait. There are colours and undeniable traits of brushwork, and possibly also drawing, but maybe it's a print that's been improved upon. If indeed it's all miniature drawing, it's extremely accomplished. It's done on some hard, bony, beige material, that has a couple of hard cracks, so it's not on paper or cardboard. Strange. Some sort of porcelain??? There's a glass cover; removing it will tell more about the technique, but I'm hesitant to do it, at least right now.

Also, there are colour disfigurations in the lower left, where a table corner is pictured.

The friendly, but not so informed dealer (on this subject) wrongly suggested that it might be a photograph - but I corrected him.

The amiable-looking but also somewhat detached fellow (so far he's just called 'Olfert') holds a letter with a seal, suggesting some societal reward, or educational/administrative/personal communication ...
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