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Guillaume DE Machaut strangely complexe universeve of Chanson, virelai, Balades, Motets, Isorythmic Motets, yep ' I order a complete Machaut Motets and there is Isorythmic Motets I guess on AEON, it's Machaut complete Motets in two CD , sound promessing, don't you think fellows, and beside I am expection a NON-SUCH of Messe DE Notre-Dame, this is major hey Machaut chef d'oeuvre in analogue, what an LP, Machaut could be central classical to be in between in Ars Nova & Ars Subtilior.

Look at unusual song in his output,  there is Phyton Le Fabuleus Serpent, that is too me unusual groovy, what I mean is , his music was well ellaborated and refined for it's respective time, like Jehan Lescureil Chanson , whom before Machaut would constructed perfect songs, maybe someone who dig Machaut song's = Chanson might enjoy Jehan Lescureil, most probably so, I want to talk of these arist, Machaut Isorythmic motets and Lescureil most interesting album I know two of them, greeting folks, bonjour Mandryka  :)

I think you should hear Hilliard doing the Machaut motets. I think the impressive thing about Machaut's motets, apart from the musical interest, are (1) the texts -- he chose some crazy, bold texts, especially in the macaronic motets. And (2) the fact (arguably) that it's a cycle of 18 -- with a meaningful order representing a contemporary conception of spiritual journey.

Machaut certainly had a melodic gift, he may have had equals before (Philippe le Chancelier, Adam La Halle, Jeahan Lescurel) but who amongst his contemporaries could match his word settings? I think this is what Gothic Voices tried to explore -- anonymous music mostly.

Of course there's Philippe de Vitry to think about.
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