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Can you recommend me some on-line shops with a good collection of classical music CD's?

I'm only aware of amazon and jpc at the moment.

I use Arkive quite a bit.  A decent resourece to see what might be in print.

I use JPC a lot, but that you knew already huh. :)
I do not feel comfortable with Amazon, probably because I do not understand the workings of that one.

Oh, and if you cannot find a particular cd, PM Que or Daverz.....if it exists, they seem to be able to find it.  :)

Worthwhile to check to previous thread on the old forum: Places to buy classical music online.

My previous post:

I buy mostly individual items with Marketplace sellers on the various Amazon's (.com/.de/

Then MDT's special offers, jpc and I second Gurn's recommendation of CDconnection: low price, very fast delivery and they have a reliable indication if something is in stock (I hate back orders). One disadvantage: they have not a large stock, mostly new releases.

I do most of my bargain hunting at the (in)famous Berkshire Record Outlet aka "BRO".
They are the cheapest in town, but when are they going to use some bubble wrap instead of old papers??
Be prepared for some damaged jewel boxes...!  :o

Also worthwhile is Leslie Gerber's Parnassus Records, especially for some OOP. Also for LP's.
He works with a monthly list, so best is to scan that now and then.

Cheap, but not as cheap as BRO - but they have more mainstream items - is the German Zweitausendeins.
Also for books.

The best place for rare historical and live recordings is Norbeck, Peters & Ford. Also for 78 rpm's.

I found some real bargains lately, many of them OOP, at Swiss discPLUS. I guess only of interest to European members of the forum.



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