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Started by Novi, October 07, 2009, 09:11:41 AM

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I accidentally bought an extra copy of this:

If anyone wants it send me a PM. United States shipping addresses only please.


There will never be another era like the Golden Age of Hollywood.  We didn't know how to blow up buildings then so we had no choice but to tell great stories with great characters.-Ben Mankiewicz


Anyone want these?


The first three I've got duplicates in bigger boxsets; the Huberman I accidentally bought two of (it's great, but I don't need two of them :P).

I also have a set of Barenboim's Beethoven sonata cycle on dvd that was damaged in the post. The outside box is crushed, a few of the dvd cases are cracked, but the discs themselves are fine. The seller sent me a replacement so this has just been sitting on my shelf for a while.

Please let me know if you'd like any of these by tomorrow at the latest as I'm afraid I'm a bit pressed for time and will be charity shopping them on Wednesday.

Durch alle Töne tönet
Im bunten Erdentraum
Ein leiser Ton gezogen
Für den der heimlich lauschet.

Papy Oli

surprise duplicate CD received from Novi last week-end...which is a duplicate for me too, so I'll forward it on to the 1st good home that asks for it  :)


Papy Oli

Pergolesi has been asked for and will travel on within the next couple of days  :)