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Re: Proust's Questionnaire
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Your favorite virtue
My favourites are those which I do not possess - courage, kindness, diligence

The quality you like to see in a man
reasonableness, independence of mind, the virtues as above

The most important quality in a woman
same as above

Your friends' most important qualities
I don't know if I've ever known true friendship

Your greatest weakness
I am a martyr to mental and emotional fatigue

My favorite pastime

My dream of happiness
Security, love. I will never have either.

What would be the biggest tragedy for me?
Things continuing as they are. Things changing.

What would I like to be
Does one have to be vicious and stupid to be happy? I am not sure, but if so it would be a difficult choice to make.

The country where I would like to live
An idealised Little England.

Favorite color
I can live with most colours, but black is easiest and says the most.

Favorite flower
Any will do. I don't know their names.

Favorite bird
Twice I have found a chick fallen from its nest. Although I did my best to help them, I feel guilty about the outcome.

Favorite prose author
William Burroughs

Favorite poet
Oh God, probably Larkin. It's difficult to tolerate the pretence of poetry.

Favorite Literary hero
The character of the novel I am writing.

Favorite literary heroine
As above.

Favorite composers
Bruckner (grandeur), Dvorak (charm), Prokofiev (individuality). Other symphonists.

Favorite painters
Isn't painting dead? I find it difficult to connect with the plastic arts.

Your heroes in real life
All real-life people are actually fictional.

Your favorite heroines in real life

What characters in history do you most dislike
Napoleon, because so many of his crimes have thoughtlessly been forgiven and forgotten.

Historical heroes
Wellington - he hated fighting, but did it better than anyone.

Your heroines in world history
I can't think of any.

Your favorite food and drink
All the things which make me fat, worsen my arthritis, derange my thoughts and destroy my liver.

Favorite name
All names sound wrong to me. What use is naming, except as a system of organisation?

What I hate the most
I have a long list, but not to hand. "People who are loud" will probably cover most things.

Military deed I admire the most
Wellington taught his men to dodge enemy cannon fire by ducking behind hills. Marvellous!

The reform I admire the most
The modern welfare state, without which I would be dead several times over.

Natural talent that I would like to have
Limitless self-confidence.

How I would like to die
Executed by God for being too awesome.

Current spiritual orientation
Everybody feels a strong spiritual urge, whatever faith they confess. Nonetheless, there is nothing here but ourselves, and that will have to do.

The fault for which I have the greatest tolerance

My motto
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Re: Proust's Questionnaire
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Shades of

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Re: Proust's Questionnaire
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Well, you see, I am SO very very interesting!