Author Topic: Cyprien De Rore Temple of divine poetry art of celestial harmony of Flemish Godz  (Read 578 times)

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Aka Cyprian the great, I am listening to John's Passion, a mysterious record quite well done I should say and order as mandatory listen for requirement of skills and talent's.Cyprien DE Rore music may be situated between Verdelot and Willaert  in term of cadence and vitality.

Secondo L'oiseau Lyre label as madrigals of  mighty Cyprien may god or holy providence be mighty...

Cyprian DE Rore is a great favorite too Brabant or just bring it on diner plate musica Del regale!

De lla musique de seigneur roi, Empereur Maitre, de l'homme sage simple pres des cieux du Firmament!

There I spoke some lettuce fresh lettuce about Cyprian DE Roree what about late release tracks of him on Imaginario CD , Don't you think you serious musicologist out there think what I think the man deserve highest of podium ever

P.s Mandryka graindelavoix on fais un superbe album de lui je crois
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